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“मुसीबतें वहीं रुकती हैं जहां उन्हें रुकने का मौका नहीं मिलता।” – रवीन्द्रनाथ टैगोर  |   अगर तुम सूरज की तरह चमकना चाहते हो, तो सूरज की तरह जलना सीखो। ~ डॉ. एपीजे अब्दुल कलाम   |   “जीवन में सही समय पर सही निर्णय लेना एक कला है, जिससे हम अपने लक्ष्य की ओर आगे बढ़ सकते हैं।” – रवीन्द्रनाथ टैगोर  |   जो सभी का मित्र होता है, वो किसी का मित्र नहीं होता। ~अरस्तू  |   “मैंने सफलता के बारे में कभी सपना नहीं देखा। मैंने इसके लिए काम किया। ~एस्टी लउडार  |  
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In todays, publishing world, Bal Vikas Prakashan Pvt. Ltd. is one of the rising publisher of educational books and e-newspaper. Bal Vikas Prakashan Pvt.Ltd. founded by Late. Shri Bharat Singh Chauhan, CEO Mr. J. P. SIngh Chauhan and Mr. Vijay Singh Chauhan on 2nd January, 1999 and inaugurated by Ex-Cabinet Minister Late Shri H.K.L. Bhagat and Ex-Delhi State Minister Dr. Narender Nath with great pomp and show at Press Club of India, Raisina Road, New Delhi.

Rastriya Bal Vikas is an educational e-newspaper based on G.K. for children of all age groups. It is a monthly newspaper/e-newspaper that provide the knowledge about the important occasions falls in that months. Colour corner, funny jokes, many articles on great personalities, health, education etc. We are trying to provide knowledge on all possible matters. If

wants this e-newspaper you can mail us : e-mail : info.rashtriyabalvikas@gmail.com

Newspaper also available in Hindi and English. Critical feedback and constructive suggestions on any of our this series for further improvement are highly appreciated.

We are AN ISO 9001 : 2008 Company giving our services from last 24 years with a wide range of KG to class 8 textbooks that are supported with online teacher's manual. In a very short span, the company has established high standard in the publishing. Books produced by the company have been and are being recommended by reputed Public Schools affiliated either to CBSE, ICSE or other State Boards of Education throughout the country.


Through our books, we hope to reach children directly and have a positive effect on the quality of their learning experience. We trying to make teaching effortless, enjoyable and a wonderful experience for teachers.


Our motto is 'Learn with Play'. Through our series we are try to make learning joyful and long-lasting.

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